Operations Driven
Capstone Logistics is an operations-driven organization and a leading innovator in performance workgroup services. We leverage innovative solution design and deliver a demonstrable cost-per-unit (CPU) value to our partner’s operations. We engineer each solution specific to your operating requirements; ultimately saving you money, improving productivities and ensuring a safe working environment.

Our managed performance workgroup eliminates co-employment risks associated with other labor models.

Aligning with Your Objectives
We have been serving Fortune 500 companies for over two decades while building value through strategic planning, hands-on management expertise, collaborative relationships, highly-productive teams and measured economic results.

Continuously Investing in the Future - Using Technology to Improve Performance
Our proprietary, dynamic operating and reporting system with handheld technology enables us to accurately capture multiple data points for each activity. This provides our partners with enhanced data analysis and information for any period of time (day, week, month, quarter, year) and at any level of the operational hierarchy (site, region, corporate). We benchmark specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations, and can drill down to pinpoint specific opportunities.

Hiring and Training the Best People
We conduct a job market analysis for each operation that enables a unique recruiting and hiring plan. Our national recruiting managers then use a "matching strategy" to examine operational needs and facilitate hiring. A combination of resume screens, telephone contacts, in-person interviews, and behavioral strength assessments are used to ensure the right team of associates will serve our partners.

Safety Is No Accident
Our safe culture is continuously reinforced from our CEO throughout the organization. We have developed an extensive safety training and awareness program. Our Operational Excellence (OpEx) Department develops and coordinates safety awareness activities, programs, audits, and training. The OpEx team is comprised of experienced professionals who audit, train, track, and facilitate our continued safe performance.

  • Distribution

    Distribution centers are traditionally under pressure to lower costs while getting the right products delivered damage-free and on time. Capstone Logistics will partner with your operations to drive continuous improvement and peak performance.
  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing operations require consistently high levels of productivity and quality to support rigorous schedules and demand. Capstone Logistics will partner with your operations to deliver quality and performance.